Enjoy The Power Of Your Car


Do you like to drive relaxed, enjoy the ride and feel the car on the road?

This device might be the right solution for you…

A device that detects and prevents your vehicle’s speed being measured by a laser LIDAR.
NEW! AntiLaser Priority – Patent pending Multipurpose Laser based Parking Sensor, driveway light activator and more!

Enjoy The Power Of Your Car

Quality & Reliability


In extensive tests of AntiLaser and other similar devices in 2015 & 2014 and previous years conducted by The American group, RALETC & ECCTG showed that AntiLaser performed with vastly better results than its competition, proving its quality and reliability.

Kustom Pro4, Stalker LR & XR

laser reviews

Laser Reviews has done another great review of three worlds top laser guns: Kustom Pro4, Stalker LR & Traffipatrol XR and has put them against the latest AntiLaser Priority. Results are extraordinary, but look for your self...

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