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Stalker LZ1 Laser extremly reduced display of E04 error code

Software Upgrade: 17.01
Beginning today AntiLaser units are delivered with the software version 17.01.The major improvement in the software is almost totally diminished E04 Error code hoping from the Stalker…

Distribution Base established in Germany a well known German distributor of radar and laser devices for vehicles has become the official and exclusive distributor of AntiLaser line of products for the countries of Germany, …

AntiLaser New Web Look!

We have redesigned our homepage with an entirely new feel and an easier to use navigation. The homepage now includes a news section where you can find the latest info…

AntiLaser successfully tested on the “Traffic Observer”

Software Upgrade: Testing
AntiLaser has been successfully tested on the “Traffic Observer” LIDAR. Code upgrade for this improvement will soon be available.

Rear mounting holder with angled mirror surface

We have tested the performance of our prototype rear mounting holder with an angled mirror surface and found that signal loss due to the holder is only about 10 percent…