Beware of Counterfeit “Laser Elite” Replica

Buyers & Sellers BEWARE!

Original AntiLaser products are manufactured in Croatia and distributed through authorized distribution network Only! Products originating from Taiwan, being resold by:

or rebranded as „Laser Elite“, “Laser Star” or “Laser Star Pro” by:

are illegal knock-off products. By purchasing or reselling it you infringe intellectual property rights of it’s rightfull owner and manufacturer.  These products are visibly identical and infringe patents (EPO 2008355569, AU 2008355569, CA 2,723,286, USA 12740877 and others); use a copy of our software therefore breach our copyright; when sold under our trademarks they also infringe our trademarks.

Because of bad build and cheap parts you will find such products to work poorly.
Bying a cheap Counterfeit puts end buyers at risk of products’ ill-performance while resellers may expect loosing profits when sued for damages and compensation. Anyone who sells these copies is liable on account of infringement of our trademarks, copyrigts and patents.
If you have found a good bargain for a product that looks exactly like AntiLaser  and are unsure if the product is the original please write to us at

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