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Jamming the “TruSpeed AntiJam”

When the mission is impossible and the Laser is designated as resistant to jamming The AntiLaser is the first one to Jam it! TruSpeed AntiJam is currently the most advanced…

AL Laser Tester Another Quality product from AntiLaser

Another Quality product from AntiLaser. Small, simple to operate, and yet powerful tool for car enthusiast - The AL Laser Tester. First Laser Tester with CPU unit and 0,001% pps precision

AntiLaser Industries First RIEGL FG21P capable defense

Digital scanning technology, special laser diodes and extremely powerful microprocessor have for long kept the Riegl FG21-P safe from any defense unit, even from those defense units with the so called "smart generic" algorithms. Industries First yet again, AntiLaser is breaking the Limits of possible and sets new criteria for perfection.

TraffiPatrol XR without success against the AntiLaser

Software Upgrade: 17.46 Tests of this latest generation laser TraffiPatrol XR against the AntiLaser have been concluded successfully. This scanning laser gun is very different than previous types of lasers.…

Prices for New AntiLaser AL G8 Triple & AL G8 Quad models announced

Sales of the newest and strongest AntiLaser Guardian product have begun AntiLaser AL G8 Quad unit which includes four outer sensors and a control box capable of connecting four sensors…