How It Works

AntiLaser consists of two main units

Outer unit

Outer unitIncludes a sensor and transmitter circuit. The sensor circuit of AntiLaser has a special infrared lens that focuses LIDAR laser light onto the detection and amplification circuit of the laser impulse. It is important to note that the sensor circuit only admits impulses that are emitted by the LIDAR.
The main component of the transmitter is a laser diode that is found in LIDAR and military ranging devices. It emits impulses that are equal to laser impulses of the LIDAR.

Inner unit

Central unitIncludes an audio visual and processor circuit. The audio-visual circuit is made of a speaker and two LED diodes (green and red), switch and key button which serve as notifications of being targeted by a LIDAR. The processor circuit is the centre of the AntiLaser. It receives signals from the sensor circuit, identifies the type of LIDAR that is targeting the vehicle and trying to measure the speed, crossand sends the transmitter instructions to send a special sequence of laser impulses that depend on the type of LIDAR.

If the LIDAR receives impulses from the AntiLaser as well as its own, it cannot differentiate between them and because of this cannot measure the speed.

AntiLaser instalation

maskaThe outer unit is mounted on the front of the vehicle and because of this is well protected. Because it is completely covered with epoxy resin, vital parts are protected from atmospheric effects and mechanical damage: rain, salt, extreme temperatures, rock hits and direct strikes.

In order to better detect laser beams the outer unit should be positioned as close to the license plate as possible. It is mounted in the front engine cooling grille above or below the license plate. The unit is mounted using a special adhesive tape to a plastic or metal part of the vehicle. In order for the outer unit to perform at maximum efficiency it should be mounted horizontally to the road and the front should be kept clean.

poloWhen mounting the inner unit, three factors should be taken into account.
The unit must be accessible, it must be positioned so that it can be turned on and off easily. It must be positioned so that it is within the driver’s sight, so that the driver can see the red warning LED light up when targeted. The speaker must be uncovered in order for the warning sound to be heard. The key button must be installed where it enables the driver to adjust settings.