Radar Roy’s Lidar Shootout Best overall device 2015

Third year in a row the AntiLaser Priority is declared best overall! AL Priority has on this difficult test (see the test-track pictures) given best overall results of all devices tested. ALP stays the top dog of all devices available on the market.

AL Priority Declared the Best Laser Jammer in the 2014

Second year in a row the AntiLaser Priority captures the top! From the four laser systems tested the independent tests group RALETC of USA declared the AL Priority as the 2014 Lidar Jammer Shootout Champion! AntiLaser keeps its No.1 laser blocking device of the world Belt. Apply our latest ALP firmware update and ALP Results table becomes even Greener!

Laser Reviews:UniparSL700

Laser Reviews has done a first ever test of the Unipar SL700, a laser that is extensively used on the British Isles. Unipar according to the author gets readings fast and has long range but is totally helpless when tested against a car equipped with the latest Antilaser Guardian system. Review shows that AL Guardian is the first and Only proven countermeasure for the Unipar Laser.

Auto World Magazine Tested

technikaAntiLaser is the ideal device for Europe!
Independent tests of the Polish magazine Auto Swiat have shown that the AntiLaser Guardian is the most efficient laser blocking device when compared to several competing laser products.
Auto Swiat – March 2009

Countermeasures Shootout 2006

golAntiLaser still ahead of competition!
Guys of LIDAR April 2006 tests have shown once again that AntiLaser still performs better than other competitive Laser Countermeasure systems.

Countermeasures Shootout 2005

golGuys of LIDAR – an independent American group of enthusiasts that test radar and laser jamming devices, tested Antilaser among others in an extensive test in 2005. The test was conducted under almost impossible conditions – which they referred to as “the worst possible scenario” – under circumstances that hinder jamming and show the device in the worst possible light. Despite this, results shown on their web page show that Antilaser achieved the best result confirming excellent quality and reliability. As opposed to other devices tested in these impossible circumstances, Antilaser managed to “jam” – temporarily hinder various laser detectors from detecting the speed of the test vehicle with greater success than its competitors. As Guys of LIDAR say – see for yourself.

RALETC & ECCTG 2013 Tested the New AntiLaser

AntiLaser ALP best performing device 2013 in USA! Independent tests performed by enthusiast groups RALETC and ECCTG of USA made clear that AntiLaser device is again no. 1 laser blocking device in the world. Not only by performance but vast array of novel features that it brings to this field.

Laser-Reviews: Kustom Pro4, Stalker LR & XR

Another great review of the worlds top laser speed-guns: Kustom ProLaser 4, Stalker LR and TraffiPatrol XR. Laser Reviews has put them against the AntiLaser Priority! Test vehicles are super small Smart car as a reference car and ALP protected SUV BMW X5. Results are extraordinary, on unprotected Smart speed can be get easily at 2000 meters, but on BMW X5 with ALP … look for your self…

Laser Reviews:LTI TruCam

laserreviewsThis enthusiast group has tested our products against the most sophisticated Video LIDAR unit in the world – Laser Technology TruCam! AL G9 Red & White edition was used that also doubles as fog lamps besides the standard parking assistance device function. These Fog Lamps as you can see “block more than just a Fog”.

Laser Reviews:LTI Truspeed AntiJam

Laser Reviews have tested the new AntiLaser Guardian 9 system together with few competing products against the American LTI Truspeed 2 laser. The review shows that the Guardian is the only device to detect and block this type of laser. Products of the competition have failed even to detect the Truspeed 2 laser beam.
More in the video above.

Antilaser Test Clips


AntiLaser takes down Vitronic Poliscan

2:49 min., 21 MB WMV
download (zip)


AntiLaser AL Laser Tester

1:00 min., 29 MB WMV
download (zip)


Robot XR defeated by AL G8

3:33 min., 25 MB WMV
download (zip)


AntiLaser takes down Riegl FG21-P

2:04 min., 25 MB WMV
download (zip)


LTI 20.20 – AL G8 QUAD

3:48 min., 33 MB WMV
download (zip)


Stalker LZ1 – No Error Codes !

3:56 min., 33 MB WMV
download (zip)


AntiLaser v2004 vs. LaserPartrol (StarLaser)

3:35 min., 12 MB AVI
download (zip)

DISCLAIMER: These videos are for demonstration purposes only. The tests have been performed at the test track which does not represent a real world scenario. Performance achieved will vary from case to case depending on many unpredictable factors so use these videos only as a Preview of the best possible performance.

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