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How It Works

AntiLaser consists of two main units
Outer unit
Includes a sensor and transmitter circuit. The sensor circuit of AntiLaser has a special infrared lens that focuses LIDAR laser light onto…

Vitronic Poliscan Diffused!

After being First in the Industry to counter the Traffic Observer Laser scanner back in the 2006, we are again unquestionably first to diffuse the Vitronic Poliscan scanning beam. Not…

Camea Unicam Section Control system Detection

Detection of a section control camera is only possible by a GPS database system, right? Not anymore!
What was unthinkable before, the AntiLaser has achieved! Detection of an active section…

Laser Band Modifying World’s First!

A feature that was till now only available in Top radar detectors – Band Modifying is now implemented in the AL G9 as a LIDAR Select feature.
By using the…