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How It Works

AntiLaser consists of two main units
Outer unit
Includes a sensor and transmitter circuit. The sensor circuit of AntiLaser has a special infrared lens that focuses LIDAR laser light onto…

Unipar SL700 & RedSpeed SpeedGuard

Two of the most feared Lasers on the island and elsewhere are now history for those who drive with the latest AntiLaser system installed in their car. From today AntiLaser…

Jamming the “TruSpeed AntiJam”

When the mission is impossible and the Laser is designated as resistant to jamming The AntiLaser is the first one to Jam it! TruSpeed AntiJam is currently the most advanced…

TraffiPatrol XR without success against the AntiLaser

Software Upgrade: 17.46
Tests of this latest generation laser TraffiPatrol XR against the AntiLaser have been concluded successfully. This scanning laser gun is very different than previous types of lasers.…

AntiLaser gets new features & improvements

Software Upgrade: 17.21
Software release 17.21 brings many new features to the current AntiLaser line of products and is also compatible with most previously bought AL systems. The user is…