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TraffiPatrol XR without success against the AntiLaser

Software Upgrade: 17.46
Tests of this latest generation laser TraffiPatrol XR against the AntiLaser have been concluded successfully. This scanning laser gun is very different than previous types of lasers.…

AntiLaser gets new features & improvements

Software Upgrade: 17.21
Software release 17.21 brings many new features to the current AntiLaser line of products and is also compatible with most previously bought AL systems. The user is…

Stalker LZ1 Laser extremly reduced display of E04 error code

Software Upgrade: 17.01
Beginning today AntiLaser units are delivered with the software version 17.01.The major improvement in the software is almost totally diminished E04 Error code hoping from the Stalker…

AntiLaser successfully tested on the “Traffic Observer”

Software Upgrade: Testing
AntiLaser has been successfully tested on the “Traffic Observer” LIDAR. Code upgrade for this improvement will soon be available.